Port Captain

Our staff in charge of Port Captain / Supercargo service have long-term ship and land experience, have received high sea and port management training, but have also practiced this training in high-capacity ships and terminals. The main task of Port Captain / Supercargo is to protect all the interests of the customers and to provide the necessary warnings against extra costs by saving time. With their high experience, Port Captain / Supercargo anticipates unwanted situations on the ship and draws the attention of our customers. With continuous monitoring, they guarantee a fast, safe and effective operation for correct stacking, load separation and correct coupling of the load. This enables the safe navigation of the ship and the fastest and hassle-free delivery of the cargo at the port of destination. It allows you to be informed about the actual situation on your ship with comments and recommendations supported by daily reports and photos.

Following the end of the cargo operation, Port Captain / Supercargo prepares a detailed report of the work done and sends it to you with the following annexes.

- Final Cargo / Stowage plan

- Sketches show all the loads loaded in warehouses supported by photographs.

- Warehouse distribution of loads on lot basis.

- Advice and important information to speed up cargo operation at the discharge port.

- Other documents upon request.

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