Emtia hasar gözetimi

In your export and import projects, we inspect the conformity of the commodity with the tonnage, technical specifications and quality specified in the purchase and sale contracts on behalf of your company and prepare the final report regarding our results and findings in accordance with the standards. We carry out our Survey services in your import and export projects at the loading or unloading port.

Some commodities are subjected to laboratory analysis due to their properties. Faber Surveillance Reports are completed as soon as the installation is complete. In this way, you will be able to learn about the differences, malfunctions and damages related to the commodities according to our reports before the ship departs, which gives you the opportunity to change and stop the commodities before they depart.

At the same time, we accompany the entire production process of the ordered product and inform the buyer with our daily reports at every stage of production. Likewise, in case of failure, damages and differences occurring during the production phase, it is possible to immediately intervene on behalf of the buyer and, if necessary, to stop the production of such order. Immediately notify the buyer of the situation, in line with the decision to be taken to compensate for the damaged, missing products.

In our Surveillance Activities, acting as Buyer's Eye and Ear, all possible risks are eliminated at the stage of occurrence.

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